NR 505 CCN Evidence based Practice and Implications for Nursing Paper


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What have you seen in the evidence regarding organizational policies? What EBP initiative would you implement?

Great choice of a change model. Can you think of a nursing theory/theorist that can support this topic as well?

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Question 1

Research and evidence-based practice have been deemed essential elements in professional nursing. This is because they have considerably influenced and improved patient safety and privacy (Thomm et al., 2021). Research and evidence-based practices usually encourage and prioritize the patient’s needs, making it easy for the nurses and healthcare professionals to administer the patients with essential and appropriate services that suit their needs. Also, research and evidence-based practices have made healthcare services’ administration easy since they have led to patient care decisions that also save nurses time. This is because healthcare professionals can deeply understand the patient’s needs, ensuring and making them not engage in activities that do not benefit them.

Question 2

It is essential to understand that research and evidence-based practice usually have an impact on quality and safety in healthcare delivery. This is because organizations and healthcare professionals who usually utilize research and evidence-basedpractices foster collaboration, especially concerning healthcare delivery. This usually makes it easy for healthcare professionals to handle and provide the most appropriate services to the patients ensuring their safety.

Question 3

A great example of where research or evidence-based practice is improving health outcomes in my area of practice or my organization is giving oxygen to patients with COPD. It is essential to understand that one needs to have the most appropriate techniques and skills to properly administer and give oxygen to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) (Hume et al., 2021).

Question 4

Organization policy is a practice-related issue that I would address If I were to conduct an evidence-based practice initiative. It is essential to understand that each healthcare organization has its policies and regulations that must be attained and put into consideration. These policies may sometimes differ from one organization to another. Therefore, it is vital to understand the policies of specific organizations.

Question 5

The Lowa model is the most appropriate model that I would execute to guide the evidence-based practice initiative. I will effectively engage and utilize research findings to improve patient care.

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