Nursing Mission and Vision as A Nurse Discussion


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Crystal Pope

RE: Discussion – Week 1 Initial Post


Greetings to all, my name is Crystal Pope. I am a registered nurse from the Florida Panhandle, and I have been a nurse for four years. Over the course of those four years, I have worked in various settings and backgrounds to include the following: long term care/rehab, adult medical-surgical oncology, pediatric orthopedics, adult and pediatric mental health, and preoperative nursing. My experience with adult and pediatric mental health opened the doors for my passion and aspirations in the mental health field. My experience thus far gave me a distinct perspective on the importance of mental health.

Walden’s vision, mission and goals relates to my professional and academic goals because it reflects how the university promotes its students to utilize academic knowledge and apply it to the real world. This vision exemplifies that the knowledge gained from the degree may benefit societyby helping to improve the challenges that the world faces each day. Walden’s vision applies to my professional goals of becoming a scholar practitioner because the knowledge I will acquire from this program will allow me to be an advocate for those who seek mental health care services. Walden’s MSN program outcomes will encourage me to help fight the current stigma to mental health in society. Helping improve the stigma will enhance the importance of mental health and improve the awareness of how mental health plays a vital role in society. Walden’s vision, mission and goals also encourage me to utilize appropriate interventions while also researching and developing new interventions and processes to help improvetherapeutic outcomes.

Networking plays a significant role in any job or profession. It can really benefit those within the nursing profession whether it is socially or professionally. Networking allows people to form professional relationships and keeps people connected for future opportunities that may benefittheir careers along the way. Networking within my profession will help me achieve my academic and professional goals by creating opportunities to enhance and further my education in the workforce of nursing. There are many different nursing organizations nationwide and conferences that are held annually for nurses to meet and discuss the practice of nursing with evidence-based research to overall improve the safety and effectiveness of quality care. Networking provides the opportunity to discuss and exchange different perspectives and ideas allowing others to develop a new insight of things. It has the advantage of establishing mutual trust and respect of others and allows others to gain insight from people from diverse backgrounds and fields within the nursing profession.


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