Ohio State School of Cosmetology Social Determinants of Health Discussion


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Hello, I have already attached assignment 1-2 in excel form which you HAVE TO use in order to do this assignment 3! I have attached 2 more instructions files and a summary sheet too which you have to go through for full instructions and guidelines.

Assignment: Identify Data Sources for Community Health Profile Indicators



For the county that you created a profile for in the previous assignments, identify indicators for the types of measures listed below (i.e., structural social determinants, intermediary social determinants, and social capital).  You must also identify the data sources you used to find each indicator.

  1. At least three measures of the structural social determinants of health for that county.
  2. At least three measures of the intermediary social determinants of health for that county.
  3. At least two measures of social capital possessed by that county.
  4. Write a short narrative in which you identify the gaps in the information you can obtain using secondary data; and propose how you would obtain these data for a CHNA.

You must cite your data source appropriately (e.g., 2017 American Factfinder). 

Click ere for a summary sheet you may find helpful.
Here are some suggested online resources to get you started:


Response post 1:The median income is 2.1x more for white residents than black residents in Cleveland (Kate Warren, The Center for Community Solutions, 2019). The poverty rate for white citizens in Cleveland is 26.2% while it is 43.3% for black citizens (Kate Warren, The Center for Community Solutions, 2019). White children are about 2 times more likely to be enrolled in gifted academic programs than black children in the Cleveland school district (Kate Warren, The Center for Community Solutions, 2019).High school students in Cuyahoga County have just about the same rate of smoking tobacco products as adults do (Erika Trapl, Case Western Reserve University, 2014). The percentage of binge drinkers in Cuyahoga County (24%) is more than the percentage in the state of Ohio (20%) and the nationwide percentage (18%) (2013, Cleveland.com, Dave Davis). 32% of citizens are not at least 0.5 miles from a park (usnews.com).Cuyahoga is partners with The Partnering for Family Success Program. This is to reduce the time children spend in foster care for families experiencing poverty and homelessness (Third Sector, 2020). I actually work for a non-profit that partners with communities to improve their water systems. We are hired to check the materials of pipes in homes to get funding to remove any lead from the systems if present. We go door-to-door and offer educational resources as well.For the data that I collected, some problems that arose is the difference in years they were published. Some were published and found in 2013 and things have changed since then whether it is a big or small change. If I were conducting this research for a CHNA, I would go directly to the source and get surveys, go door-to-door, etc. Another limitation is that I had a hard time finding in depth data directed towards Cuyahoga county as a whole and a lot of information I got is for just the city of Cleveland.References:Healthiest communities – rankings, news, data | US News healthiest … (n.d.). Retrieved September 14, 2022, from https://www.usnews.com/news/healthiest-communitiesCuyahoga County partnering for Family Success Program. Third Sector Capital Partners. (2020, March 2). Retrieved September 13, 2022, from https://www.thirdsectorcap.org/cuyahoga/Trapl, E. (2014, August 4). Data shows Cuyahoga County High School students smoking at the same rate as adults. The Daily. Retrieved September 13, 2022, from https://thedaily.case.edu/cuyahoga-county-high-sch…Dave Davis, T. P. D. (2013, May 2). Cuyahoga County residents drink alcoholic beverages more often than adults elsewhere, new study finds. cleveland. Retrieved September 13, 2022, from https://www.cleveland.com/healthfit/2013/05/cuyaho…Warren, K. (2019, December 11). How can Cleveland close its racial income and wealth gap? The Center for Community Solutions. Retrieved September 13, 2022, from https://www.communitysolutions.com/can-cleveland-c…Warren, K. (2019, December 11). Addressing racial disparities in childhood: Opportunities in education. The Center for Community Solutions. Retrieved September 13, 2022, from https://www.communitysolutions.com/address-racial-…Response post 2: Structural Social Determinants in Lawrence County, OHHigh School EducationIn my county, we have an 88% 4- year high school graduation rate, which is very good, but it still means that 12% either do not graduate within 4 years or at all.org/profiles/05000US39087-lawrence-county-oh/Childhood PovertyIn my county, there is a 29% childhood poverty rate, which I feel may be lower than many other counties but is still high for the sake of improving public health.org/app/ohio/2022/rankings/lawrence/county/outcomes/overall/snapshotUnemployment RateThere is an 8.5% unemployment rate in my county, which I consider to be low but can be a factor contributing to childhood poverty if those unemployed have children.org/app/ohio/2022/rankings/lawrence/county/outcomes/overall/snapshotIntermediary Social Determinants in Lawrence County, OH Adult SmokingThere is a 27% rate for adults that smoke in my county, though from just daily activities in my county, it feels like this rate should be higher.org/app/ohio/2022/rankings/lawrence/county/outcomes/overall/snapshotAdult Binge/ Heavy DrinkingThere is a 17% rate which I feel leads to health issues and unintentional injuries.org/app/ohio/2022/rankings/lawrence/county/outcomes/overall/snapshotUninsured8% of people 64 years old and younger are uninsured in my county, which is low but can have an impact on many individuals as they may not be able to afford any kind of care that is needed and may lead them to not seek care regardless of how needed it is.org/app/ohio/2022/rankings/lawrence/county/outcomes/overall/snapshotSocial Capital in Lawrence County, OH Food InsecurityThere is an 18% food insecurity/inadequate access to food rate in my county. I believe this is a measure of social capital because it will create a network of opportunities for those to receive access to supplemental food resources and create a network for those working to provide those resources.org/app/ohio/2022/rankings/lawrence/county/outcomes/overall/snapshotHIV PrevalenceIn my county, there is a 111 per 100,000 (0.11%) for HIV prevalence. I believe this is also a measure of social capital because those affected will form a network with each other for support as well as to help educate and share resources with the public.org/app/ohio/2022/rankings/lawrence/county/outcomes/overall/snapshotEach of these measures could be missing data leading to the rates not being completely accurate. There could be HIV cases that have not been diagnosed due to a lack of testing and resources. There could be individuals that are food insecure that feel embarrassed to ask for assistance. To help close gaps in the data, anonymous surveys could be created to be handed out in schools, clinics, physician offices, and resource centers and could also be mailed out. An online survey could also be created and the link or QR code could be posted around the county for the public to see. The county could hold resource events in different communities to encourage the public to attend and they could ask questions regarding the different measures. Another option would be to review CHNAs done by other county hospitals and health departments to see their data and ask how they collected their data to see what methods they used to help close the gaps.County Health Rankings & Roadmaps. (n.d.). Retrieved September 13, 2022, from https://www.countyhealthrankings.org/app/ohio/2021…Census Reporter. (n.d.). Retrieved September 13, 2022, from censusreporter.org/profiles/05000US39087-lawrence-county-oh/

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