OOP in Java and String Concatenation Code


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The DVDCollection class uses an array to maintain the collection of DVDs. The DVDs should be stored in alphabetical order based on title starting at position 0 in the array, using adjacent cells. All titles should be stored in uppercase only and are assumed to be unique (no duplicates). You may assume titles do not contain commas. Complete the following methods in the DVDCollection class in the order shown below and test each one before moving on.

  • toString – returns a string containing all of the DVDs in the collection, separated by newlines characters, along with the value of numdvds and the length of the DVD array for debugging purposes. The string should be formatted as shown in the example below:
  • addOrModifyDVD – given the title, rating and running time of a DVD, add this DVD to the collection if the title is not present in the DVD collection or modify the DVD’s rating and running time if the title is present in the collection. Do this operation only if the rating and running time are valid. If a new DVD is added to this collection, insert the DVD so that all DVDs are in alphabetical order by title. (NOTE: The collection should already be in alphabetical order when this method is called since this is the only method available to insert DVDs.)
  • removeDVD – given the title, this method should remove the DVD with this title from the collection if present. The title must match exactly (in uppercase). If no title matches, do not change the collection.
  • getDVDsByRating – given the rating, this method should return a string containing all DVDs that match the given rating in the order that they appear in the collection, separated by newlines.
  • getTotalRunningTime – this method should return the total running time of all DVDs in the collection. If there are no DVDs in the collection, return 0.
  • loadData – given a file name, this method should try to open this file and read the DVD data contained inside to create an initial alphabetized DVD collection. HINT: Read each set of three values (title, rating, running time) and use the addOrModifyDVD method above to insert it into the collection. If the file cannot be found, start with an empty array for your collection. If the data in the file is corrupted, stop initializing the collection at the point of corruption.
  • save – save the DVDs currently in the array into the same file specified during the load operation, overwriting whatever data was originally there.

numdvds = 3

dvdArray.length = 7

dvdArray[0] = ANGELS AND DEMONS/PG-13/138min

dvdArray[1] = STAR TREK/R/127min

dvdArray[2] = UP/PG/96min


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