Polk State College Productivity Measures and Capacity Bottlenecks Discussion


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Back in Discussion Question #2, as an Operations Manager for 10 McDonalds restaurants in the Tampa area, and by applying the Balance Scorecard management system you proposed at least one productivity measure for each of the proposed strategies applied by McDonalds and explained how you would calculate and how frequent you would measure them.

– Engaged and competent employees

– Low price

– High quality products

– Fast customer service

– Great customer service

– Sustainability in store operations


Part A
An organizational strategy entails the different long-term plans that can be used to
allocate an organization’s plans to use its resources to uplift and support different business
activities. The long-term operations can be effectively initiated with the total pattern of decisions
that shapes them (McDermott et al., 2013). For McDonald’s, I would deploy the use of an
effective organizational and operational strategy to affect the company outcome.
Part B
As an operational manager for 10 McDonalds, I would encourage it to adjust to the
market that has become much fast paced. Deploying the use of productivity measures helps make
the necessary operational changes and even adding equipment to the employees present to meet
the set goals (Adams, 2019).
The organization should always stand out in its financial strategies. The cost valuation of
products is essential in the production and marketing process. The primary measure of low price
is cost leadership, which entails minimizing the cost of offering products that are affordable to
the organization. I would measure it by knowing the rate of consumption in line with the
products produced. Determining and making a monthly check will effectively help me know the
organization’s financial perspective. However, although other McDonald’s stores do not give the
same products, they do not give the desired completion in the areas of cost reduction.
Additionally, since McDonald’s relies on their suppliers for quality products, attaining
them in different locations is possible. Questioners can help know the quality standards of a
product for consumption. An often use of questionnaires will be effective. Additionally, keeping
records on the drop in the number of returning customers can help determine the food quality
(Total Returning Customers minus Selected Day Customers). This will also help to show the
extent of engaged and competent employees in the organization.
Focusing on the need of employees as being quality enhances quality services. I would
calculate the customer services satisfaction by dividing the total number of positive responses
customers given by the total number of respondents and multiplying by one hundred. Through
this, I will effectively know the satisfactory rate offered to the customers. This formula will help
to get fast customer satisfaction and great customer satisfaction and service. Calculating the
service satisfaction weekly will effectively help in customer retention.


Go back to this homework, and describe which productivity measures would allow you to identify capacity bottlenecks across your stores to prevent you from being successful across all these strategies. Describe the capacity bottlenecks that concerns you.

If you did not propose any productivity measure that could make capacity bottlenecks visible in Chapter #2 assignment:

a. Propose new productivity measures and describe how you would calculate it and how frequent it would be measured.

b. Describe the capacity bottlenecks that concern you.

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