Post University Entitiy and Referential Integrity Discussion


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Write a reply to the following statements:

topic: project management blunders


As I watched the video about The Titanic – Project Management Blunders, I thought that an iceberg caused the ship to sink. This video opening my eyes to all the mistakes that was made in the production of the massive ship. White Star and Harlan & Wolf”S decided to make three ships in 7 years, Revenue from two ships will fund the third. The first ship was made was Olympic, there were problems with this ship once it was in the water. The Olympic had three incidents once it was in the water, in which stopped the production of the Titanic several times. With the production stopped on the Titanic, this almost made the delivery date late and they were in a financial trouble. But Harlan & Wolf’s hired a third shift, and they finished the Titanic on schedule,

Once the Titanic was finished, they hurried to get the ship in motion. They cut the sea trails to one day and push the massive ship out to sea. The Titanic was on a course of destruction. Instead of taking the regular route, the ship was going thru Iceberg Alley. When reaching Iceberg Alley, the Titanic collided with an iceberg. And the ship went down .


A lot of the blunders made were based on assumptions that the ship would never sink. The first example I saw was when Andrew went through to make sure every aspect of the ship was proven to be safe, but “Ismay was unhappy with 48 lifeboats. Many would rattle passengers, and interfere with first class vistas of the Atlantic.”, so they lowered the lifeboats down to 16, because they assumed the ship would stay afloat long enough for the passengers to be transported to another ship. Another blunder due to assumption was to compromise the height of 2 of the 15 bulkheads because they were under the assumption the boat would not sink. During the preparation to take off on the Titanic there were multiply mishaps due to management rushing the Titanic. The fist mishap was with they pulled her so fast out during departure “she pulled liner New York towards her, breaking her moorings”. Even though this happened to the Olympic, Ismay still had not learned from that incident and kept pressuring the captain. Due to the rushing of putting supplies on the Titanic, Lookouts in the crow’s nest did no have binoculars and too short of rope was put on to use the ice bucket. Higher up on boards ignored the last ice warning message, because they did not think it was to be worried about. Ismay, again in a rush, pushed the Titanic to keep going after hitting an iceberg, causing more damage and an increase in flooding. Captain did not report for use of lifeboats until 65 minutes after being told they had 120 indites until the ship goes down. Lastly, Ismay tries to flee to the UK.

topic: Entitiy and referential integrity


Entity and referential integrity are important in a database because it maintains the relationships between data and between tables. They are a form of data integrity that ensures accuracy and consistency within the database. Entity integrity creates a primary key that is unique and serves as an identifier for rows in the table, it also ensures it is not duplicated. An example of an entity would be products to be recorded in a database. A table would represent each product and its part number with each having a primary key unique to each product. With referential integrity the relationship between two table must always be consistence and the forign key ensures this happen. Referential integrity validates the data, it’s the relationship between two tables. For example, a customer ID in the order table much match a valid customer ID in the customer table and vice versa. Referential integrity helps prevent incorrect or incomplete relationship in your tables.


Entity integrity is when the primary key or first line item in a table that identifies all entries in that row is unique. Some examples of this could be customer numbers, part numbers for a specific company, student number, for the Military National Stock Numbers (NSN). Without a way to identify the different rows as different items then all we are left with is data in a table and no way to reference each item.

With referential integrity an item in a row that is not the primary key is either null/blank or it matches with a primary key in another table. Some examples that I can think of could be sales representative number, class number, within the Military supply system we have Civilian and Government Entity (CAGE) codes these are used with NSNs to tie all the manufacturers that produce a specific item to the item. 

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