SDSU Reasons to Pursue Nursing Journal


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Reflective Thinking 1:

How do the concepts of transpersonal caring and holistic nursing relate to the QSEN competency of Patient-Centered Care? Write your response in your class notebook.

Your Response: Submit response via text box.

Reflective Thinking 2:

Take some quiet time and record in your class notebook responses to the questions in the text regarding transpersonal caring. Seriously consider when and with whom you have genuine, transpersonal caring moments. Do you observe transpersonal caring in your work or clinical setting? Be prepared to discuss this concept in class.

Your Response: Submit response via text box.

Reflective Thinking 3:

What does Watson’s quote mean to you? Can you think of an example in your life when someone has met his or her ethical responsibility but has not cared about you in the process? Take a moment and think about such an event that you experienced and record it in your class notebook. Your teacher may ask you to discuss your example or story in class.

You may want to share your example with a classmate and get feedback about it. It also would be interesting to read another person’s example. I won’t ask you to write it, but think of a time when you were noncaring. The example probably comes from your personal life. I wonder if it is a behavior you feel sorry about now or even felt that way soon after you did it. Do you know how to avoid such a behavior again? Talking to others about such a situation can be helpful.

Your Response: Submit response via text box.

Reflective Thinking 4:

Write in your class notebook the top three reasons you are in this class at this moment in your life. You may need to take a moment to think about it. Did you just graduate from high school and are fortunate enough to be able to go directly to nursing school? Have you recently been able to obtain enough money to go to school? Were you in the hospital as a patient and learned about the role of the LPN? Or have you wanted to be a nurse for your entire life and see LPN education as the way for you to achieve that dream? Whatever reasons you identify, record them to share in class. The thoughts you record should have something to do with your motivation to be an LPN.

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