SEU Computer Science Enterprise Systems & How Do They Benefit Businesses Paper


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1. Post your answer to the Question: 

Describe what are enterprise systems and how do they benefit businesses; explain why we use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

  • 2. Respond to Two other classmates’ postings.
  • Discussion 1Businesses use enterprise resource planning (ERP) as a procedure to coordinate and manage the crucial aspects of their operations. Numerous ERP software programs are crucial to businesses since they assist in the implementation of resource planning by combining all business operations into a single system. A software system for enterprise resource planning (ERP) can also incorporate planning, inventory buying, sales, marketing, finance, and other functions. An ERP encourages open communication inside a company, which increases synergies between various business units, increases efficiency because information is easily accessible to those who need it, and lowers expenses associated with antiquated and inefficient technology. Although implementing an ERP may be expensive, the return on investment (ROI) may be realized rapidly. Undoubtedly, the costs associated with implementing an ERP may be much outweighed by the advantages obtained (such as higher productivity and lower administrative expenditures). ERP refers to the technology and systems that businesses employ to coordinate and manage their essential business procedures. Software for enterprise resource planning provides single-system solutions for integrating business activities. Such programs enable information sharing, cross-functional cooperation, and user interaction inside a single interface.
  • Discussion Enterprise systems are a set of procedures and software applications by which data can be collected for use in organizing communication between organizations in a common organizational manner.It can combine all business processes in one system, and improve the efficiency of the supply chain, to provide a complete picture of the activities of the enterprise for decision-making.ERP can include planning, inventory purchasing, sales and marketing, finance, and other functions.Although ERP can be expensive, it delivers a quick ROI and outweighs the cost.It also provides solutions for the integration of business activities within a single interface.Benefits of using this system:Reduce cost by reducing the number of hardware and software used by employees.Direct and quick access to important information, such as the company’s general reports, to make decisions based on it.There is a unified organizational function. Everyone can use the same programs because they perform the same functions, procedures, and actions.

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