SOC 400 LaGuardia Community College Public Economics Discussion


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Reading & Video Assignment:

  • Rose Weitz, “Chapter 1 – The Sociology of Health, Illness & Healthcare,” The Sociology of Health, Illness & Healthcare: A Critical Approach,” Boston: Wadsworth Publishing, pp. 1-16.
  • Watch the following video: “The Social Construction of Health & Illness” – Let’s Talk Sociology with Dr. Harris.
  • Katherine Wu. “The Pandemic’s Soft Closing,” The Atlantic. August 16, 2022,

The reading & video assignment for next week provides an introduction of how to think about health, illness and medicine from a sociological perspective. For the next few weeks of class, we will be discussing how to formulate a research question, which is the first step in developing a research project and in writing your final research paper. Some of the questions below are designed to help you start thinking about research questions.

Homework Assignment:

Please respond to the following questions in 1-2 paragraphs each. For Questions 2-4 below, you should quote the reading directly, using proper citation style, which means include quotation marks for direct quotations (“”). After you quote the text, include a proper citation: (author’s last name, date, page #) – in this case, (Weitz, 2013, p. ??) or (Wu, 2022, p. ?). Your assignment should be turned in on blackboard on Monday, Sept 5, by midnight, using the link I created in the Readings & Assignments folder for Week 2. Late assignments will not be accepted.

1NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION: Please include your name, a telephone number where I can contact you, and your preferred email address on your assignment. Please note: you should have a working CSI email address, which I will use to send announcements on blackboard. This is a back-up email in case of emergency.

2 As discussed in the reading by Weitz, how is a sociological perspective in the study of health and illness different than a medical and the psychological perspective? Give an example of a research question that a researcher might ask about COVID-19 from each of these three perspectives (psychological, medical; and sociological)?

3 Please watch the youtube video I posted above, on the social construction of health and illness. In what ways is COVID-19 socially constructed? What are the “social determinants of health” as discussed in the video? Give an example of how the social determinants of health shape people’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways.

4The article by Katherine Wu addresses the current moment in the coronavirus pandemic. How is the construction of the covid pandemic changing in our society today? What are the major institutions and social forces that are driving this change?

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