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  • You are used to controlling scope creep. Within Agile projects, you are to embrace scope creep. Explain how you plan to determine the scope of your website project so that you can deliver a successful project to your customer. Justify your response.
  • After posting your response, respond to at least one of your classmates’ suggestions.

Please respond to student comment below:

Hello Dr. Reddy and classmates,

This week we are discussing scope creep and determining the scope of an Agile project. In a traditional project, the scope of the project is thoroughly fixed and managed according to the plan. Scope creep refers to the unplanned additional tasks, features, or requirements that were not included in the initial planning that will cost additional money. However, in Agile projects, scope creep is embraced where the scope of the project is developed incrementally based on feedback-driven improvement. In an Agile project environment, change is embraced, and the team can respond to changing needs of the business (Ricksoft, 1).

However, just because scope creep is embraced, does not mean scope creep doesn`t exist in Agile projects. In Agile projects, the scope of the project includes the range of work, user stories, requirements, and features that need to be completed to deliver a successful product. The scope is gathered in the backlog. In Agile projects, changes are expected, requirements are evolved, and priorities can change. Uncontrolled flexibility can lead to scope creep in agile projects. Scope creep happens in Agile projects when items in the backlog are not accurately assigned in terms of the priority level, items in the backlog are unclear despite requiring high priority, and teams are rushed into an iteration without having clear goals, changes are pushed in the middle of an iteration, and new requirements are introduced into development without adequate planning and cost analysis (Ricksoft, 1).

Therefore, an effective way to manage the scope of the project is through backlog grooming and a clear change management process. Managing scope creeps through backlog grooming includes removing irrelevant items that no longer add value to the project and improving priorities to maintain a healthy scope. Therefore, backlog grooming is critical to managing scope creep (Ricksoft, 1).


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