Tiffin University GDP Outside the United States Discussion


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Activity 2.1 (Forum): GDP Outside the United States


In this discussion, you will apply what you have learned in Chapter 7 to real-world situations in order to see how the concepts can be applied to a very broad range of situations. In this activity you will be examining a country of your choice and discussing its GDP–what it has been recently and where it might be going in the future, and how businesses can use that information to make more informed and better decisions.

Initial Post Instructions

For your initial post, choose a country other than the United States. Determine whether the Real GDP (or Real GDP per capita) is growing, relatively constant, or declining. Explain what events in that country could cause the observed effect on GDP, and relate those explanations to the model of long-run growth from Chapter 7, if possible. Explain whether the trend in GDP of your chosen country is likely to continue or if the trend will change in the future. In other words, is the trend in GDP a long-run trend or a short-run trend? How would you use this information to determine if that country may be a country into which to expand?

How might businesses use your analysis of the country you chose? What decisions might the businesses make? What errors might the businesses make if it ignored your analysis?

Don’t forget to cite your article!

Discussion Response Instructions

Do you agree with the analysis of your classmate regarding their chosen country? Why or why not? Are there other explanations for the growth or contraction of the country that were not discussed? Would those explanations affect long-run growth or just short-run growth?

Discussion and Written Assignment Expectations.

Tips for Success

Be sure to refer to the Discussion Tips for Success as you craft your posts and responses. Also remember the determinants of long-run GDP growth we examined in Chapter 7–if one (or more) of those is increasing, that likely means that there should be long-run growth of GDP. Make sure to use the model in your discussions.

Weekly Learning Goal(s): 3, 4

  1. Identify the determinants of long-run growth. (CLO 2, 4)
  2. Explain how changes in GDP affect employment and the business environment and be able to predict future changes in GDP. (CLO 2, 4)

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