Types of Research Discussion and Responses


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Research Engagement No 1: “Purpose of Research”


To interact with your cohort and be able to share your take on the issues related to your DBA research you have to post your understanding of the following subject in this week’s Research Engagement (RE). Here is what you need to discuss:

Please share your ideas about what Dr. Patten explains in his description of five different types of research, namely basic, applied, summative, formative, and action research (Purposes of Research), explaining the issue of purpose research. The purpose is different than the methodology when it comes to aspects of research. Dr. Patten indicates that all five types of purpose research are legitimate and essential purposes for research. Also, he states that basic and applied research is most often used for dissertation research. Based on this and other sources, explain which one of the five you think applies to your topic of interest and why. Discuss the relationship between your method and the audience that is going to be judging the quality of your work. This issue is crucial because it determines the standards that you’re going to attempt to meet as you do high-quality research. Make sure you keep in mind that different purposes serve different audiences and different needs, and as such, choices are judged according to various criteria. Your post has to be done by Wednesday to allow your classmates to engage you by Sunday!


Understanding different types of research are essential in helping you decide about your future in your DBA Journey. My suggestion is after watching this video carefully, download the transcript and study it carefully to be able to form an opinion. 


The five types of research include applied, formative, essential, action, subjective, and summative. We can classify research into used, productive, critical, activity, personal, or summative based on the study’s issue and purpose. The type of research depends on both on point and purpose of research. Starting with summative and formative research falls under evaluative research. They both evaluate specific but targeted outcomes or qualities in careful research. Both summative and productive study, as classes of evaluative research, assesses the qualities, characteristics, value, or merit of a subject or object under investigation. However, summative and formative research differ in the purpose of the study. Unlike summative study, which concludes a project’s effectiveness and continued validity, formative research completes evaluations about the improvement of a program.Next is basic research. Primary research is also pure or fundamental analysis. In an article by EduGyan, the author asserts, “Basic research aimed at generating fundamental knowledge and theoretical understanding about basic human and other natural processes. The purpose of basic or fundamental research is to generate new knowledge for the sake of knowledge” (EduGyan, 2022). Basic research principles rely on utility, purpose, or either of the two in research. Primary research is theoretical rather than practical. Basic research aims to develop and improve knowledge of a given subject or course. Basic research gets its inspiration and motivation from curiosity. When using primary research, curiosity drives researchers to research more about the unknowns in a particular field.Interestingly, basic research utilizes a systematic approach to research studies to realize a desired objective. Compared to basic research, applied research purposes intend to research solutions to particular problems or inquiries in research. Applied research is practical and uses empirical methodologies and follow-ups while purposing to generate solutions to a problem, phenomenon, and given research designs. Lastly, research can also be action-oriented research. Action research is a subcategory of applied research. According to Blog (2020), “In many cases, applied research is a follow-up research design for basic research because it further investigates the outcomes of pure or basic research to validate these findings and apply them to create innovative solutions to specific problems” (Blog, 2020). However, action research proposes practical solutions to business-based challenges by providing direction to the business. Action research is, by nature, limited and reflective of particular situations and contexts of business research. In an article by EduGyan (2022), “In action research, practitioners design the local settings and conduct the research study. It is focused more on local practice and solutions; it is more participatory and conducted by teachers, administrators, counselors, coaches, and other educational professionals trying to solve their specific problems” (EduGyan, 2022).Regarding intentions, basic research is applicable in strict laboratory experiments and conditions. Applied is significant in natural environments and settings like educational research. Action research is essential for practitioners since they can use this research to perfect their skills and practices. Moreover, formative and summative evaluation research is significant for educational research and programs.ReferencesBlog, F. (2020, May 7). Primary vs. applied research: 15 key differences. Create Free Online Forms & Surveys in 2 Mins | Formplus. https://www.formpl.us/blog/basic-applied-research(2022, March 4). What are the different types of research? https://www.edugyan.in/2017/02/what-are-various-ty…


the scond one  Dr. Patten discusses five different types of research: basic, applied, summative, formative, and action. Today we will go into detail about Patten’s thoughts and discuss our thoughts on each one and how this will play a role in the dissertation in the future.     According to Patten (2022), basic research is understanding how the world works. Basic research discusses a theory, and you want to develop one. Starting at an introductory point is essential to your research and creating a foundation for your research. That is what addiction and Dr. Patten meant was creating that foundation for research. And that is basic research in your dissertation.     Applied Research is to understand a problem and the nature of the problem (Patten, 2022). This sometimes can be difficult due to not addressing an issue and the details of what you are researching. Patten addresses this in his example. He states that we need to understand how addiction affects people’s lives. In your dissertation, if a registered representative is giving financial advice and giving examples to have financial freedom. First that the registered representative would do would be to identify some of the shortfalls of your particular situation. So, building off basic comes this research.     Summative Research is to determine the effectiveness of an intervention program for addiction (Patten, 2022). With this, Patten summarizes that with the help of something specific, we can conduct our research most effectively. So, if a client was trying to figure out why they could not have a net positive after reconfiguring their bills, then someone like myself would intervene and help them with their bills.      According to Patten (2022), formative evaluation is to improve an intervention aimed at solving a problem. This is not to be confused with summative. The main difference is that you address a specific problem in your research, which is what Patten discusses. Patten uses the example of this conduct research to improve the chemical dependency program. Same thing if you are that registered representative what type of spending plan would you use to address your shortfalls in your bills for that particular month? This family has a specific spending plan, so addressing the problem with a specific program in this research.     Action Research is to rapidly solve a problem (Patten, 2022). In the example, Patten discusses solving a problem quickly related to the chemical dependency program. This is probably the least common type of research, according to Patten, because it is a combination of the other types of research. After all, you are executing or solving a specific problem.     The research we will conduct will combine all five. When giving financial advice to potential clients, your work is judged long-term. So what Dr. Patten discusses is developing a good foundation by identifying what works best for your research in your dissertation.     In summary, we have discussed all five types of research and the example Dr. Patten used to tell us more details about the research. Furthermore, we have discussed examples of our research topic and dissertation. And given examples of what a registered representative (stockbroker) uses to help potential clients.References:Patten, M.Q. (2022). Purposes of Research. California Miramar University. Week 1 Moodle. Utube Video.


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