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What is Included in this Activity?

  • Three Required Readings
  • Written Response

you will still need to make in-text citations in your summaries that will require either a page number or timestamp.

Reading 1: “Some People are Just Born Good Writers” (pp. 71-76)

Reading 2: “Failure is Not an Option” (pp. 76-82)

Reading 3: From Naming What We Know, Concept 4, read only pages 59-68


Make sure to use in-text citations using APA conventions. You do not need to provide a reference list–only in-text citations are needed.

  1. Provide a 1-2 paragraph summary for each the following readings: (1) “Some People are Just Born Good Writers”; (2)”Failure is Not an Option”. This should not be you editorializing. You should be summarizing the readings, not adding opinions.
  2. Provide a 1-2 paragraph summary integrating all authors from the Naming What We Know Concept 4 reading, “All Writers Have More to Learn” (Includes Rose; Bazerman & Tinberg; Brooke & Carr; Yancey; O’Neill)
  3. Now it is time for your opinions. You are going to need to reference back to all the readings in the course as the semester continues, so it is important that you are not only familiar with the texts (as you will have demonstrated in your summaries) but that you are also able to recall your impressions of them. Write a personal response to the readings addressing the following questions:
      • What was significant or important about the readings?
      • How do these readings inform your understanding of writing?
  1. Respond to the following:
    1. Find areas in your ( THE WRITING YOU DID YESTERDAY ) that are no longer true for you. To do this:
      • Identify the original quotes from Writing Exchange 1 that you are now questioning,
      • Copy and paste over your identified quotes.
      • Make sure to put your original quoted writing in quotes, since you are quoting from your work.
      • Under each quote, articulate what you would replace or add to your first post now. How would you revise or further develop your original thoughts on writing?
  2. develop an inquiry question about writing related to your experience with the readings and the concept of failure. Make sure that your inquiry question is related to connections around writing and failure (as presented in the readings).

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