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For readings from Bad Ideas About Writing, I have provided an audio option. Please note, however, that you will still need to make in-text citations in your summaries that will require either a page number or timestamp

  • From Bad Ideas About Writing, read the following chapter:

    Written Response:

    Important: Make sure to use in-text citations using APA conventions. You do not need to provide a reference list–only in-text citations are needed. Here is an easy to use resource for you . For those citing from the audio option, you will follow the same structure for in-text citations of a text, but you will replace page numbers with a timestamp, (e.g., instead of “p.76” you would cite as “4:32-4:51”.

  1. Provide a 1-2 paragraph summary of “You Can Learn to Write in General”. This should not be you editorializing. You should be summarizing the readings, not adding opinions.
  2. Consider/Reflect on what was presented in “You Can Learn to Write in General” and your process for responding to the three scenarios presented in Studio 2. ( ATTACHED )
  3. Return back to your first WRITING ( WHAT IS WRITING ) ( ATTACHED)
  4. respond to the following:
    1. Find areas in your first writing exchange that are no longer true for you. For example, you might have said something like “writing is about expressing emotions and your opinions”. If you look back at the scenarios, expressing your emotions might not be appropriate in all cases. To do this:
      • Identify the original quotes from Writing Exchange 1 that you are now questioning,
      • Copy and paste over your identified quotes.
      • Make sure to put your original quoted writing in quotes, since you are quoting from your work.
      • Under each quote, articulate what you would replace or add to your first post now. How would you revise or further develop your original thoughts on writing?
  5. Develop an inquiry question about writing related to your experience with the reading, your process for responding to the scenarios, and the concept of writing as situated practice.

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