University of Maryland University College Strategic Planning Recommendations


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For each of the five positions, identify the leadership competencies most important for those positions. Support your recommendations with course materials.

Position 1: Sales Director, Middle East

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Reports to: Executive Director, Asia Division LSN’s Asia Division will be opening its first Middle East location in Saudi Arabia in the next 12 months. An Operations Director will be needed to head up this new division. A team of local salespeople will need to be recruited, hired, and trained by this leader. It is expected that this sales team may be largely men. Two sources that are recommended for more information about doing business in Saudi Arabia are:…

Position 2:  Director of Research and Development (R&D)

Location: Headquarters Miami, Florida  

  • Reports to: President & CEO Alexandria Marvel (Headquarters)  Research and Development (R&D) is at the heart of its success and, indeed, its future. The R&D leader will lead a group of scientists and innovators. R&D is located at Headquarters because R&D coordinates with all other departments and divisions throughout the various worldwide LSN locations. This is a high-profile position.

Position 3: VP Headquarters Operations  Location: Headquarters Miami, Florida 

  • Reports to: President & CEO Alexandria Marvel (Headquarters)  Headquarters houses R&D, HR, IT, Purchasing, and Finance. Each department has its own “subculture,” and each department is fairly distinct from the other. The young, youthful subculture of IT often clashes with the conservative subculture of the Finance department, for example. Many of the members of the Finance and HR teams are baby boomers and are near retirement. This leader oversees the smooth operation of all of these departments and ensures the coordination of these departments with each other and with each of the four geographic divisions across the world.

Position 4:  Executive Director, North American Division

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois

Reports to: President and CEO This leader will head up the largest and most profitable division of LSN. This division is seen as the “flagship” by the other divisions since the company’s roots are in the United States. This Executive Director has the “ear” of the CEO and spends a lot of time with the family. This leader is faced with spearheading the future direction of LSN in North America and is challenged with filling openings throughout the United States and Canada caused by fast growth and a retiring Baby Boomer population.

  • Position 5:  Director of Finance

Location: Headquarters, Miami, Florida 

Reports to: Chief Financial Officer This leader oversees the day-to-day operations of the finance department. This leader is expected to aid in strategic planning with the executive team of LSN. Although a finance background is not required, this person is expected to bring a conservative approach to the strategic planning table to balance out the high-risk tolerance of the rest of the leadership at LSN. A “big picture” perspective is definitely needed here.……………

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