Week 2 Time Management Discussion


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Exercise 1: Draw a PDM and calculate the critical path. Use your results to inform your initial post to this week’s discussion forum. To complete this exercise, use the  attached template. attached template. – Alternative Format

After reviewing your proposed schedule (from Exercise 1), the Zoo President ask you, “We need the Animal Land project to be completed in 10% less time. What can you do to make this happen?”Draft a response to the President with your selected option and post 

Respond to two peer posts with the questions you would ask if you were the President

here is my WBS

  1. Project Animal Land

Project Manager: Executive Sponsor: Walter Salisbury

Chief Financial Officer: Melanie Gilford    VP of Human Resources: Leo Corte


flamingos and sea-lions

  1. giraffes will co-exist with the elephants

flamingos and sea-lions will co-exist in a captured environment

  1. Staffing

Zoo veterinarians

general grounds crew

The grounds crew should consist of landscapers

construction crews

Concession Stands & Gift shop

three concession stands

two gifts shop





Approved Curriculum from the WWF

Group Guest service

Ticket Sales

Special Event


reply Respond to two peer posts with the questions you would ask if you were the PresidentDiscussion 1Dear Mr. President, Thank you for your feedback on Project Animal Land. With the current timeline, the project would take 21 weeks to complete. We received your request to decrease that time by 10% and have two options for you to review. Fast track design process with Wildlife Architects. Currently, the schedule calls for the master park design and exhibit design to be separate processes, with exhibit design only commencing once the master park design has been completed. The park design is expected to take 8 weeks and the exhibit design will take 2 weeks. We can combine these two processes and split the Wildlife Architects into two groups in the last 2 weeks of the master park design and assign a separate team to complete the exhibit design simultaneously. We will ensure everything that relates to the exhibits is completed first in the master park design so there will be no confusion when designing the exhibits. By performing these tasks in parallel, we can decrease the overall project time by 2 weeks. Increase A1 Builders staff for exhibit construction. The exhibit construction is currently projected to take 10 weeks to complete. By increasing staff and resources by 20% we can reduce construction time by 2 weeks. Please be aware this would increase the overall cost of the project. It is to be noted that these suggestions do not come without risks, but are viable options to reduce the project time by 10%. We also do not have a projected timeline for the staffing process which may add time to the project. Please reach out once a staffing timeline has been determined and let us know your thoughts on the above suggestions. Thank you.Alexandra MoserProject ManagerDiscussion 2To: Walter SalisburyCC: Leo CorteSubject: Animal Land ZooGood Afternoon Mr. Salisbury,Thank you for your feedback regarding the timeline for Animal Land Zoo.  I understand your request for a ten percent reduction in the project timeline and propose that we do the following in order to meet this goal: Proceed as planned through phase 1-3 with no changes to exhibit organization and hiring. Both of these areas are critical to the successful completion of the project and the welfare of the animals.  Condense the concession and summer camp phases and reduce time here by five percent each. The themes for the three concession concepts will need to be revised and simplified and the application for the alcohol license will most likely be granted sometime after opening.  To be clear, we do not want to wait for the liquor license before opening the concession but instead open without it if needed and chance the start of liquor sales. For the summer camp we will need to roll hiring for the camp into hiring in phase three in order to meet the new timeline objectives. To simplify the meal program for the camp we will need to have all camp food provided by one of the concession concepts. If we make these changes we can reduce the time by the requested ten percent and finish the project approximately a month early.  With your approval of these proposed changes we will revise the schedule and resend.Regards,Devon BatsonProject Manager

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