Wilmington University Affirm Financial Procurement Discussion


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Running Case – Chapter 4Tasks

1. Summarize each of the proposed projects using a simple table format suitable for presentation to top management. Include the name of each project, identify how each one supports business strategies, assess the potential financial benefits and other benefits of each project, and provide your initial assessment of the value of each project. Write your results in a one-to two-page memo to top management, including appropriate back-up information and calculations.
2. Evaluate the four projects by preparing a weighted scoring model using the template provided on the Companion website for this text. You Must Use the Weighted Scoring Template from the text for this task but do not use scores from 0-100, instead you must simplify this by using scores form 0-5. Develop at least four criteria, assign weights to each criterion, assign scores, and then calculate the weighted scores. Print the spreadsheet and bar chart (optional) with the results. Also write a one-page paper that describes this weighted scoring model and the results. For weighted scoring, create categories that make sense for the projects from what you have read in the running case. Also assign percentages that accurately portray the importance of each category. Your calculations for weighting of each project are as follows: category 1 weighting x assigned score (1-5) + category 2 weighting x assigned score (1-5) + etc. for each category. All category weightings should add up to 100% so the maximum score for any project would be 500.
3. Prepare a business case for the Global Treps project. Assume that the project will take six months to complete, use many volunteer hours, and cost about $130,000 for hardware, software, travel, and labor. Use the business case template provided on the Companion website for this text. Be sure to research information on the television show and events held by colleges and other groups, which have been sparked by the need for more successful entrepreneurs. Also visit DonorsChoose.org to see how that site operates and look into steps for forming a non profit organization. Provide citations for information that you gather from online sources. Be clear on the Business Objective of the organization that will be supported by this project. You do not have to complete section 10.0.
4. Prepare a draft project charter and an assumption log for the Global Treps project. Assume that the project will take six months to complete and have a budget of $130,000. Use the project charter template provided in this text and the sample project charter provided in Table 4-1 as guides. For the assumption log, document at least two assumptions including an assumption ID,
date, source, category, description, and status. You will be the project manager, and Dr. K. will be the project sponsor. Other team members will include Bobby, Ashok, Kim, and Alfreda. You plan to hold four shark tank like events plus develop the Global Treps site and application. Be sure to focus on clarifying the Project Objectives and Success Criteria of this project.

5. Prepare a change request for the Global Treps project, using the template provided on the Companion website for this text. Assume that you have decided not to provide an online version of the show as it would be too much work for the initial project. Be creative when making up information but make sure you provide a descriptive Change Request Title, clarify the relevant Change Category(ies), and which project components will actually be impacted by this change.

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