Anglia Ruskin University Real Estate Law Discussion


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This chapter 1 covers of Federal and California legal systems, to be used a backdrop for the remainder of the book. This chapter cover Introduction to Law. Second chapter covers about land. The three methods of land description are metes and bounds, government (rectangular) survey, and lot and block. I will be focused in this chapters on three concepts. One of them is: Legal categories and Concepts. The second one I will be covered is: The Judicial System. The third one is from chapter two is: Oil and Gas rights, support rights. 

Key Concept #1

I learned in this chapter about Legal categories and concepts: Substantive Law and Procedural Law. “Substantive Law establishes and defines rights and duties. Procedural Law sets out the methods of enforcing substantive rights” (p. 6, Huber and Watt). Also I learned about Criminal Law and Civil Law. “A law is worthless without a means of enforcement. Certain harmful or potentially harmful acts are classified as Crimes. In general, crimes are those acts that are particularly dangerous to society.” (p. 7, Huber & Watt). 

Key Concept #2

I will be focused in chapter 1 on the structure of The Judicial System. It explains the different functions of trial and appellate courts, and outlines the state and federal court systems. “The fundamental court proceeding in a lawsuit is the Trial. The role of the court of appeal is to review the trial court’s record (court files and transcripts) to decide if any legal errors were made” (p.23, Huber & Watt). “Appealing a court decision does not mean there will be a new trial” (p. 23, Huber & Watt). 

Key Concept #3

I learned a lot of concepts in chapter 2, but I will be focus on Oil and Gas Rights and support rights. “The right to drill for and produce oil and gas is a valuable right which a surface owner may transfer by deed or lease under both Unruh Act and FEHA” (p. 71, Huber & Watt). A piece of land is supported by the other land that surrounds it. A landowner has the right to the natural support provided by the land beside and beneath his or her property. “Lateral support is support from adjacent land. A neighbor’s excavations might make your land shift and settle” (p. 71, Huber & Watt).


This both chapters very interesting and informative. I learned a lot of new terms and words. Real property is a land. Knowing the correct property boundaries is important to everyone involved in a real estate transaction. The lot and block method is the system most frequently in metropolitan areas. Attachments to real property are part of the real property. Unless otherwise agreed, they are transferred along with the land; personal property is not.

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