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Part 1)

From the discussion preparation scenario, determine two effects of employee development.

Employee Development

One specific thing that many organizations are doing to help career development to be public and participatory is to publicly post all job openings. This gives individuals the chance to demonstrate their desires for a different job. Some organizations also offer their employees the chance to go through assessment centers in which the employees are given feedback about their capabilities and chances to develop into effective managers.

Other approaches to Training Management Employees for Enacting Their Roles In Succession Planning and Management

Individual’s development (Nadler, Hackman, & Lawler, 1979) is a vital part of the staffing process in all organizations. Managers can do number of things to ensure that it is effective. These include being sure that training sessions stress the correct behavior, are given to individuals who can profit from them. In addition, managers can treat the development of individuals as a two-way communication exchange that is tied to the growth of individuals and is planned on a long-term basis.

In carrying out the purposes set forth above, the management shall:

* Review regularly and approve the company’s programs for employee and executive development, including performance and skills evaluation, training, wellness and management depth, and succession planning.

* Review annually and approve the company’s compensation strategy to provide that officers are rewarded appropriately for their contributions to the company’s growth and profitability, and that the executive compensation strategy supports company objectives.

* Review annually and determine the individual’s elements of total compensation for the Chief Executive Officer and such other key officers as the Committee determines to be appropriate.

Assure that the Senior Executive Bonus Plan (the “Plan”) is administrated in a manner consistent with the company’s compensation strategy and the Plan’s terms to the following:

– Participation

– Target annual incentive awards

– Performance goals

– Actual awards paid to Plan participant

Part 2) Respond to classmate’s post below:

Hello Everyone,

Two effects of employee development are improving performance and reducing high turnover. Businesses that invest in training their employees have much success with increasing skills and knowledge of tasks. Boost the overall morale and create a more inviting and positive work culture. Training shows that the company is willing to help employees gain new skills and to provide opportunities for promotions or move into a new position. When employees feel valued and have many advantages, it lowers the number of persons resigning and decreases terminations. Learning new strategies to handle conflicts and unexpecting situations, building communications among workers, and uncovering strengths and weaknesses all add value to the experience. The company will see a strong return on investment (ROI), giving it an advantage over its competitors when hiring new talent.

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