PPS College Data Warehouse Debate Discussion


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M3: Data Warehouse Debate (In-House vs. Hosted?)

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Topic Discussion Objective:  Apply data warehouse implementation concepts through a real-world scenario-based case-study exercise.  


You are part of the executive team for a large, multi-state regional banking organization that is working to increase cross-selling of additional products and services to existing customers.  An external marketing consultant has recommended that you pursue a BI strategy that will allow you to use existing customer data in conjunction with externally-purchased survey data to give your branch management more information about their customers.  The first step in this overall BI strategy is to construct a data warehouse using a variety of data sources including your in-house banking ERP system and externally-purchased survey data. Your CEO has made this a key short-term strategy and asked for it to be in place within six months.  Your team’s challenge is to figure out the most cost and time efficient means of meeting that charge.  

Discussion challenge – Should you build the data warehouse as an in-house or should you contract with a cloud-based service?  Your team leader has been with the bank for over 20 years and thinks that the best course of action is to build it as an in-house system.  Others are challenging them and suggesting it will be better to go with an outsourced service.

Your task in this discussion is to help the group come to a decision regarding this question of building an in-house or ‘cloud-based’ data warehouse.  You can take either position, but you should provide a sound set of supporting discussion points that draw on a combination of readings in this module and any external information you can find.  Be sure and address sources of data, cleansing of data, security, and business objectives.

Actions to take:  

Part A:

There are two seed-posts provided by your instructor with the subject lines of: “In-house DW” and “Hosted/Cloud DW”.  Pick one of the two and provide a sound argument that supports your support for that approach.

Part B:  

Review posts in the thread taking the opposite position from yours.  Find at least one and reflect on them in writing addressing such things as whether they have changed your opinion in some way or providing a constructive counter argument to their position.

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