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There are are 4 responses. Write a 100 word responses for each one.

Response 1.) Carter

Identify a research question that you would like to study.

What impact do a state’s population and median household income have on the state’s total revenues from agritourism activities and direct farm sales?

The population of interest.

U.S. farms that are open to the public for product sales and/or experiences. Farms that sell directly to final consumers off the farm (through farmer’s markets and festivals) would also be included in the population.


In any inquiry concerning agritourism activities and direct farm sales, the party investigated would need to be the farm engaging in the aforementioned activities.

The sample for data collection.

U.S. farms that responded to the 2017 U.S. Census of Agriculture.


Although not all farms respond to the Census of Agriculture, the census obtains fairly robust information related to revenues from agritourism activities and direct farm sales for each state.

Three parameters of interest.

The parameters include each state’s median household income, each state’s revenues from agritourism activities, and each state’s total revenue from direct farm sales.


By evaluating these parameters, inferences can be drawn concerning possible relationships between the variables.

Statistics used to estimate the parameters in (c)

The statistics will include the following:

  • “Value of food sold directly to consumers” for each state from the 2017 U.S. Census of Agriculture
  • “Agri-tourism and recreational services” for each state from the 2017 U.S. Census of Agriculture
  • “Median Household Income” for each state from the 2017 Poverty and Median Household Income Estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau


These statistics come from government institutions utilizing census data; thus, the data should be fairly representative of the larger population of U.S. farms that are open to the public for product sales and/or experiences and farms that sell directly to final consumers off of the farm.

Response 2.) Tomeka

How can African American women overcome leadership barriers? This topic is vital to me because of my experiences as an African American female in leadership. So often, African American women face challenges in the workplace as they strive for leadership positions (Wyatt & Silvester, 2015).

  1. The population of interest is African American women in leadership positions. However, as stated earlier, African American women often face challenges in the workplace.
  2. The sample for data collection is working African American women who have faced leadership barriers. Evaluating this information will give the information required to determine why African American women face these challenges.
  3. Three parameters of interest are:
  • First, how many African American women are in leadership positions? And why are black women the least likely to feel valued and treated with respect?
  • Third, how many African American women received unfair earnings compared to other ethnic groups?
  • Finally, how has the number of female CEOs in Fortune 500 companies changed over the last 20 years?

4. The statistic used to estimate the parameters would include studies done by Fortune 500 and Camille Lloyd. This research aims to discover how many African American women have dealt with leadership barriers.


Wyatt, M. & Silvester, J. (2015). Reflections on the labyrinth: Investigating black and minority ethnic leaders’ career experiences. Human Relations, 68(1), 1-27. doi:10.1177/0018726714550890

Response 3.) Michael

Research Problem: Does a leadership training program for a company’s supervisors improve employee satisfaction scores and reduce voluntary turnover rates?

Variables: The variables include the employee satisfaction scores and the voluntary turnover rates before and after the training program.

Data Visualization: It would be appropriate to use bar graphs to show the employee satisfaction scores and turnover rates before the program and after the program to see if there is a noticeable increase. The researcher could use a table to show the percentage increase in these variables for each supervisor’s team.

Importance and Insights: The importance of the visual graphs and tables is the way they communicate the message clearly and succinctly in a way that does not take much time for the reader (Levine et al., 2021). It sometimes takes excessive time to analyze raw data without the assistance of appropriately crafted visual graphs and tables. Managers could quickly compare the percentage increases across all supervisors so they could focus on the supervisors that did not seem to experience improvements in their teams.

Levine, D. M., Stephan, D. F., & Szabat, K. A. (2021). Statistics for managers using Microsoft Excel (9th ed.). Pearson.

Response 4.) Tomeka

A research problem where organizing data into tables or visualizing data in graphs will be significant when studying the cost of a company’s social media and performance data.

The variables of interest are the types of social media such as email, google, Facebook, social, direct, Instagram, and referral costs per month.
Charts and graphs are essential types of data organization or visualization important for determining social media expenses and seeing how they are beneficial.
What makes these techniques for data organization and visualization important? In management, budgets are vital to the financial help of the company. This information in a graph or table will make it easier for management to see where the necessary changes are needed throughout the month, week, and year. Financial charts and graphs are very useful in helping businesses keep an eye on key financial metrics, spot trends, and take action quickly. They allow you set financial goals and measure performance against them (Organizing, visualizing, and describing data, n.d.).


Organizing, visualizing, and describing data. (n.d.). CFA Institute. to an external site.

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