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Do you think Marx’s vision of communism/socialism is possible in the real world? If so, how would that society deal with people who disagreed with the societal vision? word count: 150

Q2: Is it possible to eliminate bureaucracy from the modern world? Karl Marx believed that through revolution, it would be possible to overthrow capitalism. Max Weber argued that while it is possible to imagine a different economic system than capitalism, it is probably no longer possible to imagine the modern world without bureaucracy. What do you think? Is it possible to eliminate bureaucracy from the modern world? word count: 150

Q3: Should news media present information objectively? Alexis de Tocqueville was struck by the variety of news sources available in America during his observations (around 1835).He emphasized the importance of the free press and free speech if democracy is to be maintained. At the time, he witnessed a great diversity of opinions expressed publicly (this was not permitted in Europe at the time).Considering de Tocqueville’s argument, your own observations and the video, Newspaper Readership, Then and Now, do you think that news media should make an effort to report news objectively or should new sources clearly support partisan perspectives? word count: 150

Q4:Keeping in mind the difference in viewpoints between Keynes and Hayek (see simplified summary statements under forum list) should the U.S. government prop up businesses that failed due the mandated Covid-19 shut-down? word count: 150

Q5: Some theorists argue that a person cannot be truly happy if they do not participate in the public sphere. Do you agree or disagree? Can a person be truly happy without being involved in politics or social issues? word count: 150

Q6: Do you think corporations can effectively work for positive social change? Do you think they are likely to work toward positive social/community goals? word count: 150

Q7:How do you think the power yielded within city government affects rural areas? Your textbook argues that in the United States, cities continue to yield a great deal of power because of the federal structure of the American government and because of the local autonomy in the rule of municipalities over their own affairs. How do you think this affects the residents of rural areas or areas that do not fall under the jurisdiction of cities? word count: 150

Q8:An effective politics of influence requires it to last and spread through the broader culture. Can social movement actors effect lasting change? How so or why not?  

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