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Public health nursing infiltrates a history as deep as the history of caring for someone else. Community health was unofficially around before implementation of institutions of hospitals and feels ultimately lost in the shuffle of monetizing the health of an individual. Before the profit over people insurance and pharmaceutical companies there was the art of caring for the community. Keeping one another free from disease and preventing illness was the original intention of humanity.

Conceptual frameworks that can be used in public health nursing come from ideas of theorists of the practice. A concept statement is defined as the body of interrelated objectives and fundamentals. Two models I would like to write about are Milio’s Framework of prevention and Block and Josten’s Ethical Theory of population focused nursing. Nancy Milo developed a framework for prevention that summarizes health patterns as “a result of habitual selection from limited choices” (2020). Block and Josten’s theory has three elements in it: obligation to the population, the primacy of prevention, and centrality of relationship-based care.

Milo’s Framework validates my statement that governmental and institutional policies like insurance and pharmaceuticals “neglected the role of community health nursing, examining the determinants of community health and attempting to influence those determinants through public policy” (2020). This concept embodies my public health interest in environmental health and the idea that the environment influences an individual to act, interact, and be in relation to decisions of the quality of life and impact the environment that they live in. The most relevant public health issue is global warming. We are seeing it in real time with the extreme weather conditions around the world. Conceptually, patient care is considered micro-level, healthcare organizations are meso-level, and health policy are macro-levels of nursing. To apply the nursing process at all these levels at the environmental health issue is simple. The micro level of the patient is the diagnosis of the health issues (heat exhaustion, lung diseases, heart conditions) that the environment the patients live in causes. The macro level of nursing is how healthcare treats the disease (disaster relief, emergency services) and the macro level of nursing is how policies affect the environmental health of the patient (The Inflation Reduction Act).

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