JNU Origins of Vocation and Ethics Paper


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Please write a project proposal brief instructions given below ( This document will be less than 1 page in length )

NOTE :: i explained below about project and mentioned some previous projects names so please choose different project tittle, previous students done some projects so don’t pickup that projects — Select new topic and write a good project proposal


In this unit, begin working on your project by identifying a topic within computer ethics that really interests you and is (hopefully) directly relevant to your own current or intended field of interest within IT. You should develop and submit (1) your proposed topic and (2) a position or thesis on the topic maintaining that certain practices are ethical or not (right or wrong).

Ensure your thesis statement takes an ethical position on the topic, and doesn’t merely define your topic. The thesis should state that certain technological activities or practices are ethical or unethical, good or bad, right or wrong.


1.5 Read Project Overview and Submit Proposal Topic

The Final Project is one of the main assessment activities in this course.

Final Project Overview

  • You will create a 10-15 page paper relating the concepts of vocation and ethical computing to some topic in Information Technology.
  • You may choose any topic as long as it relates to Information Technology and is ethically significant.
  • The best topics often involve an assessment of best practice in a specific field of IT which interest you.
  • Your paper must include two significant references from each of the course texts. The references must be relevant to your topic.
  • You will work on your project in each unit and submit the required work to the unit’s dropbox. If you haven’t already done so, read the project overview found in the Final Project Overview and Exemplar folder. (To access: Click on the Content link on the left-hand menu, select the Important Document folder, and then expand the Final Project Overview and Exemplar folder. )

Topics of previous papers have included:

*The opportunities and pitfalls of cloud computing.
*IT policies for school computers.
*IT and cheating in academic contexts.
*Intellectual property: what is the right balance?
*Biometric access.
*Computer security.
*International law and global IT commerce.
*Cultural autonomy versus global rule of law.
*Open source versus proprietary software.
*Ethical versus unethical hacking.

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