What Would You Do Presentation and Responses


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“What Would You Do?” (WWYD) Presentation

At the end of each chapter 1 to 6 in the textbook there are a series of ethical dilemmas entitled “What Would You Do?” Your group will prepare a 10-minute presentation on one of these in each of weeks two and four. Each presentation is worth a maximum of 150 points. 

2 parts by Wednesday : 1 do your work and submit Assignment & 2 to share in Discussion your topic with link for your class to see your presentation to provide feedback.

Course outline Names it with CSC350LakshmiCh_WWYD Week 2 Presentation.doc;
CSC350NamePPT…pptx slide power point

2. Youtube Recording Present (record yourself)
Show intro with face to audience …
Share PPT to audience and keep talking
then close with turning the audience facing the camera and concluding
Save the file and upload to a sharable account of yours; 

3. Get the sharable link,
send to a friend make sure they can view it ?

4. Open your prepared PPT file ,
Add a link of your sharable file of AV presentation
Save the PPT file.

5. Submit your work in D2L
> Outline
> PPT (that is updated with YouTube link of your presentation).

Go to Feedback Discussion on Wednesday

and post your presentation for the rest of your class to view and provide feedback by Sunday.

Keep in mind that presentations should be around 10 minutes long, and live presentations tend to run long unless they are tightly scripted and rehearsed. Presentations longer than 12 minutes will lose points.

Please find below the rubric to which this assignment is graded:

WWYD Rubric

In addition to the rubrics: these reqs count for full credit:

* Please do not list textbook contents as reference used in Discussions/write-ups.

* Do include material of relevance from 2022 and 2021 to bring our learning to current context/relevance. List your NU Library used Academic references not online x…pedia versions from your browser.

* Do not use sample work/templates as-is, write your assignments in your own words so your submitted work is not tagged plagiarized – note this class and probably what you picked to study has been submitted several times;

* Submit with Filenames must always have your name, course number and assignment information.

* Submissions must include Fileheader/Cover Page with Date of your work, your name, course number and assignment information.


Feedback To Peers WWYD Presentations

  • Wednesday : Post your presentation Title with Link of your presentation, for your class to start viewing it to provide feedback.
  • By Sunday: Provide a thoughtful critique of TWO other student’s presentation from Week Two.  Make sure to note which presentation you are critiquing in the subject line of your post. In at least three sentences, discuss whether you agree with your recommendation, and explain why.
  • Student 1 PPT https://youtu.be/axdBGgbnpSw
  • Student 2 PPT https://youtu.be/t-_8bZuGdQk

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