CJUS646 Pre-Trial Services and Case Management


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Diandra(post)- Risk assessment plays a big part on the release of a inmate rather its from a petty crime to a serious one. The function importance is for everything to be in place before releasing someone who may not show up for their court dates. Looking at this week video with the lawyer stating that we all make excuses for a simple why we do not do as told. I have heard over the years criminals say oh well I am not going to court because they gone try to lock me up they will have to just catch me. A lot of them do get out and go back the the things that got them locked up the first time like its a game but when we have court officials who do not do their job to secure that person. Case management restraints are those where the case manager provide information to the inmate of what they were told and the manager will provide this info to get them in the correct release program. Some are not released because these individual may show the signs of not doing what is ask and for the others they are and it all depends on their factors. These roles play a big part in the release of a offender and cannot be taking lightly. The officers are supposed to make sure they appear in court no matter what and they should not wait around for them to get caught before arresting them. During this release time, the defendant is subject to some form of pretrial service program which may include reporting into an officer of the court, or pretrial services personnel, and wearing an ankle monitor. Some forms of supervision may come in addition to bail, or instead of bail (Anon, 2022). In history we can see that most criminals who are released on pre-trial don’t do what is expected of them. 


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?  Aniya(post)- Pre-trial risk assessments help predict which defendants are more likely to be arrested or fail to appear for a scheduled court date.Risk/ needs assessment’s primary function is helping to determine the best way to use resources to effectively reach all offenders by assessing the level of supervision they require (Terranova et al., 2020). Offenders considered high risk is assigned to be intensive treatment options, and low-risk offenders might be given less intense treatment options. There are several ways case management restraints can impact the accuracy of parole or probation officers (Alarid, 2019). Risk assessment instruments are important because they can help develop treatment plans to better meet the needs of offenders by focusing on certain variables that might cause them to reoffend. Risk assessments are also an important tool that helps decide which offenders would require more resources to supervise them, and the cases parole officers have can be adjusted to help them meet the needs of these offenders (Alarid, 2019).

    Alarid (2019) argues that low-risk risk offenders might not get the same benefits that high-risk offenders get from treatment programs, which could impact recidivism rates. Caseloads might be kept lower for offenders who need to be monitored closely. Historical examples of pre-trial services include the Manhattan Bail Project, which helped defendants be released while they waited for their next court date (Alarid,2019). “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him” (New International Bible, 1978/2011, James 1:12). Using risk assessment tools and pre-trial services to help with case management could help meets their individual needs and helps people decrease their chances of reoffending.

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